Quick Start Guide using Easy Property Listings FREE for AGENTS & OWNERS

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Real Estate Tools for WordPress

Quick Start Guide

Use the tips below to get started using Easy Property Listings. You will be up and running in no time!


Publish Your First Listing

Title & Author


Use the full listing address as the title.

When a property is being sold the “heading” is frequently changed and can cause permalink issues. Not to mention the search engine benefits.

Author or Primary Real Estate Agent

Select the author to show the name of the agent who has listed the property with their contact details. For best results each real estate agent should have their own WordPress user profile which allows for the output of their details on the listing and in widgets.

Gallery and Featured Image


Add a gallery of images to your listings with the WordPress Add Media button.

You can automatically output a gallery from the Display options page.

If set to automatic, just upload your images to the listing and press x to close the media upload box once the images are attached to the listing. You can also easily adjust the number of gallery columns from the plugin Display options.

Gallery Light Box

Using a light box plug-in like Easy FancyBox, your automatic gallery images will use the light box effect.

Listing Details


Enter the descriptive listing headline like “Great Property with Views”.

Second Listing Agent

If the listing has two real estate agents marketing it, enter their WordPress user name here. The primary agent is the post Author.

Inspection Times

Now supports multiple inspection times, add one per line. Past inspection dates will not display when using the new format.

The output is now wrapped in an iCal format so clicking on the date will open the users calendar.

Search by location

Although the address details are added into the Property Address box the location search you also need to add the City/Suburb to the location search taxonomy.

This works like post tags and will populate the search widget/shortcode with your listings and it will automatically filter out options if no listings have that option.